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What is a Jeep Shackle Reversal Kit?

A Jeep shackle reversal kit is a modification kit designed for certain types of Jeeps that improves their off-road capabilities by changing the orientation of the leaf springs and relocating the shackle mount from the rear to the front of the springs.

The kit typically includes new spring hangers, spring plates, and extended shackles that allow the springs to be mounted in a reversed position. This positions the shackle mount at the front of the spring rather than the rear, which has several advantages for off-road driving.

First, the reversed spring orientation and shackle location can provide increased suspension travel and better articulation, allowing the vehicle to navigate rough terrain more easily. It can also help to reduce the risk of the rear axle “wrap” or “hop” that can occur during hard acceleration or when climbing steep inclines.

Additionally, the shackle reversal can improve the approach angle of the vehicle, allowing it to navigate obstacles more easily without scraping the underside of the Jeep.

Shackle reversal kits are available from a variety of manufacturers and are designed for specific Jeep models and years. They can be a popular modification among Jeep enthusiasts who enjoy off-road driving and want to improve their vehicle’s capabilities. However, installation of the kit may require some specialized tools and mechanical expertise.